60% of SMBs fold within six months of a cyber-attack

Cykur helps Small & Midsize Businesses protect themselves from risking to lose their company

By assisting them to build a sound cyber posture to limit and anticipate cyber-attacks

Cykur helps SMBs build a strong strategic company wide cyber posture by adapting standards used by large companies to an affordable and manageable level for small to mid-size businesses including manageable processes and procedures. We guide companies to Prepare, Respond, and Recover.

We assess your crown jewels
And build a Cyber Incident Response Plan [CIRP] which we will rehearse together so you build a muscle memory which will alleviate panic. When it’s time to react every minute counts!

The Challenge:

While cyber-attacks are soaring, small and mid-sized business (SMB) are getting increasingly targeted for two reasons:

  • They are less prepared than larger companies to face cyber attacks
  • They are a vector to attack larger companies

Yet, there are very limited publicly available resources for SMB to put together a proper cyber resilience posture adapted to their needs and means. Most guidelines are complex processes aimed at large organizations.

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