Empower Your Business: Fortune 500 Security, Delivered Fractionally and Affordably


For Mid-Market Companies who:

Lack the time or the internal resources to define or maintain processes, procedures, and plans to keep their company safe & secure…


->  Want to have a plan to counter cyber offensives and get back in business quickly when affected.

->  Want to stay competitive in the digital world and demonstrate they take good care of their clients and partners’ data.

->  Are looking to optimize their Cyber Insurance Policy cost vs coverage.

->  Are required to prepare for certification such as SOC2, or CMMC2, to do, or continue doing business with specific government or private entities.

Cykur is your guide to orchestrating, like a conductor, the involvement and synchronization of all the aspects of your cyber risk management so that they play in tune with only reasonable efforts on your side.


Unlike vendors who resell security tools, which create conflicts of interest by tying you to their ecosystem, we do not resell any such products and remain truly independent. At an affordable cost, we arm you with a straightforward human and technology plan specific to you and one you control.


Many effective measures are relatively inexpensive, but you need to implement them to be prepared. Once in place, regular maintenance will keep your time investment very manageable.

Cyber security preparedness that guarantees you’ll become certified and stay certified.

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